The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine conducted planned meeting. The main target of it was to form and pass the conception of reformation of law enforcement agencies according to principle of protection of constitution rights. The press service of President of Ukraine reported about it.

The following high officials took part in the meeting: Vladimir Litvin the Chairman of Verkhovna Rada, Yulia Timoshenko PM of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko the secretary of National Security and Defense of Ukraine, Alexander Turchinov the Head of Security Service of Ukraine, Yuri Lucenko Minister of Internal Affairs, Anatoly Gricenko Defense Minister, Svyatoslav Piskun General Prosecutor, Vasily Malyarenko the Chairman of Supreme Court of Ukraine, Vladimir Stelmakh the Head of National Bank of Ukraine, Boris Tarasuk Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

The meeting passed the conception of Interior Ministry reformation and formed the committee on reformation of other law enforcement agencies.

Another result of the meeting is formation of National Service of Investigations. The new service will function as investigatory and prosecution department. The political situation was under discussion as well.


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