Dear Sir,

First of all I would like to express my great love to Ukraine that beautiful country, to which I'll move soon to live forever, especially in the light of the promising New Era.

Nevertheless, I was completely frustrated in Kiev International Airport for the bad treatment I received from the officer in the Passport Control, who let me wait for more than 30 minutes sitting in the chair waiting my passport to be stamped, and she did not respect my visa and being married to a Ukrainian citizen, even she talked to me in very rude way just because I don't speak Russian very well (Russian speakers got their stamp within 2 minutes!!!??). At the end I just got my passport after arguing with the direct officer who gave me my passport within 2 minutes.

The trouble did not finish yet, because I spent more than 30 minutes in the Customs Dept, trying to convince the officer there that the value of the gifts which I have does not exceed 500 USD. Yet, she insists to impose a tax on my personal stuff. Anyway she let me go free!!!

Fighting corruption is a great job, but the most important is to fight the bureaucracy which gives bad impression about the country, especially if a European one.

Thanks for your great patience reading my letter, wishing the best for our beloved "Ukraine".

Talal Ibrahim

Dubai, UAE

National Bank of Dubai


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