People’s deputy Josef Vinsky (Socialistic Party of Ukraine) declares that socialists are forced to speak in public against governmental policy concerning the agroindustrial complex, which can lead to system crisis.

In particular, he mentioned that “SPU conducts the first serious protest action after coming of the new power. Till this time we complained, criticized, but never resorted to public actions. We sought the solutions of problems by means of negotiations, persuasion of the government and President,” reported the SPU press-service to ForUm.

According to the people’s deputy, “all attempts to influence the situation in the agroindustrial complex by means of political and economic initiatives, constructive propositions, personal persuasion of PM, President and members of the government gave nothing.”

“Commodity production in the country is being destroyed because of unprofessionalism and irresponsibility of some members of the government, which could not work out an adequate policy in the agroindustrial sector,” pointed out Vinsky.

In his opinion, “the government evaded the regulating of price policy. There is not selling of grain after the harvest. It means that an agricultural producer has not financial resort to prepare for the next year.”

Besides, Vinsky underlined that “purchasing price for grain is lot lower than prime cost of this grain. If peasants sell grain at the price, fixed by the government, they will not get a penny of profit for this year's harvest.”


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