“Nikolay Tomenko vice-PM on Humanitarian Questions likes to claim dream as a reality,” Efim Fiks, the deputy of Ukraine commented on Tomenko’s statement that Ukraine is on the brink of baby-boom (sharp raise of birth rate).

In particular, Fiks stated that “the new power led to the impotent rate not to the birth rate. This is the main achievement of the new power. To claim dreams as a reality is Tomenko’s style.”

“Raise of birth rate is not the main trend of 2005. It has been started in 2002. Let him open statistics and read the data of Ukraine. He should not position it as his own service to his country. The new power is seemed to have only services here and there,” mentioned Fiks.

“Birth rate has risen because people became to feel confidence in the future. The confidence was born in 2002,” explained Fiks.

“Now we reap the fruits of past achievements. I am afraid that the result of new power will be decrease of the birth rate. Only after 2006 or hypothetical end of Orange power, we may speak about their services to Ukraine. The previous power put a basement of stability,” explained Fiks his point of view.

“Ukraine may and must overcome the demographic crisis. The leaders of the power must be the persons of sense for improvement to happen. The sense must be used for the sake of citizens not for the sake of revolution and clans. In that case Ukraine will be prosperous state,” stated Efim Fiks.


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