Oleg Rybachuk vice-PM on European Integration of Ukraine predicts that in the nearest future new ministry will be formed in Ukraine and he will head it.

Rybachuk stated that Viktor Yushchenko President of Ukraine is unsatisfied by work of the cabinet concerning the item of Eurointegration. President twice charged the Cabinet with completing of necessary documents for the formation of the new ministry but the Cabinet has not responded yet.

The first time President of Ukraine received the letter from the Cabinet which read that formation of new ministry would be untimely. The second time, President gave time till August 19 in order to manage with it. Then he postponed deadline to August 26.

Now, when the Cabinet has done nothing in response of President’s proposal, President will do it by himself.

Viktor Yushchenko will pass an act on creation of the Ministry for European Integration. “It is his constitutional right,” stated Rybachuk.


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