The shooting of 26-minute movie “Yulia” has finished in Moscow, as reported by Russian newspaper “Comsomolskaya Pravda.
This is a story about a Ukrainian girl Yulia with a famous plait and a prominent Georgian Misha. The project is financed by Russia State Duma deputy Aleksey Mitrofanov.
Armenian Alen Melik-Grigoryan plays Mikhael Saakashvili and Elena Bond plays Yulia Timoshenko. Elena won the title “Mrs. Moscow” in her time.
Initially Elena Berkova should play Timoshenko, but she had to refuse from the role as her mother, who lives in Ukraine, were threatened.
The first scene:
Misha goes to a summer cottage, situated near Moscow, where Yulia is waiting for him. Misha meet a Russian group “There are no mines” (in Russian this expression sounds like the Russian “fellatio”) and buys a disk of this group with a song “Orange sky”. He decided to present this disk to Yulia, though before he wanted to present a brilliant ring.
Having listened to the song, Yulia says “I feel Maidan’s smell”, becomes excited and they have the first sexual contact.

The next scene is shown in a swimming pool. As Alexander Valov, the producer of the movie, assures, it turned out very funny. Stroking Yulia’s hair, Misha accidentally tears the plait off. Having discovered that the plait is artificial, he realized with bitterness that Ukrainians “cheated him again.”

The main intrigue of the movie is the talk about George Bush. Yulia tries to know details of talk between Mr. Bush and Misha. Misha is afraid of bugging and promises to tell about it only in the helicopter. The scene moves there. Yulia wants to have oral sex with Misha and here it turns out that a bug is in fly of Misha’s trousers.

The further fate of the film is unknown. But Poles and Japanese have already become interested in it.

Due to Mitrofanov’s efforts deputies of Russian Duma will become the first spectators of the political erotic film.


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