Except for “best sex”, “virgins”, “family sex” and “penis enhancement” spammers have started to offer a product of new generation – ovules and spermatozoa of famous people.

Here is the spam letter, send to our address from the Russian Company “Cuckoo”:

“Many people dreamed to become pregnant from Elvis Presley or to get an offspring from Madonna. Now these dreams can come true.

We sell ovules and spermatozoa from our fund of “elite” for test-tube conception:

Stars of pop and rock music (native variety) – 20000 USD

Stars of pop and rock music (foreign variety) - 20000 USD

Leading politicians - 30 000 USD

Businessmen and oligarchs - 50 000 USD

Scientists – 12000 USD

Aristocracy (dukes, kings, princes) – 37000 USD

Before the artificial impregnation you will meet “a father” or “a mother”, who will confirm personally the fact that he or she is the donor of the given ovules or spermatozoa.

The above prices are for 1000 viable ovules or spermatozoa.

With respect

LTD 'Cuckoo'”


Спасибо за Вашу активность, Ваш вопрос будет рассмотрен модераторами в ближайшее время