Dear President Yushchenko,

As a Ukrainian-Canadian, I salute you.

After many generations and much patience, Ukrainians have finally and democratically elected their Hetman. It’s a great historic achievement. With the 2004 Presidential election of Ukraine complete, you represent the ancestors of old and Ukrainians of today. Leader of Ukraine.

A true hero of the people.

Most Ukrainians believe in you. As do most world leaders. All this confidence and hope in the President of Ukraine comes from one thing.

It’s what millions of Ukrainian citizens of the Orange Revolution, and others, believe in.

A real belief in democracy for Ukraine.
A citizen’s Constitutional right to directly elect the President of Ukraine.
A free vote without fraud.

As you know, it’s an ancient democratic tradition.

From before Mazepa and after Orlyk, to the next Hetman of Ukraine, a Constitution of Ukraine was formed. The main purpose of that sacred document, 80 years before the French Revolution, was to give the future inheritors of Ukraine independence from foreign domination. A democracy with a basic Constitutional right for each Ukrainian citizen. The election of all government officials, including Hetman. This Christian state structure was and is a guarantee of Ukraine’s independence from Moscow’s rule.

This form of government leadership upholds Ukraine’s national integrity. The President has earned and will always have to earn the trust of the majority of Ukrainians to govern Ukraine. When Ukrainian citizens can directly vote for their President, the honoured Office of President exemplifies the trust of the people.

As you also know, the Orange Revolution was and is all about real democracy for Ukraine. To secure and uphold the Rights and Freedoms of each Ukrainian citizen. For this reason, every Ukrainian citizen has a Constitutional right to vote directly for his or her President.

For a free and independent Ukraine, defend the right of each Ukrainian citizen to vote directly for you in the next Presidential election and for future Hetmans of Ukraine.

Please keep the Christian traditions of our ancestors.



Nickolas from Japan

Спасибо за Вашу активность, Ваш вопрос будет рассмотрен модераторами в ближайшее время