Timoshenko's actions since election have shown only aggression, unfocused attempts to show (her) power and a lack of competence in executing those reforms that are most important to the average businessman or citizen of Ukraine.

First, anyone from the street can shout and scream, only a statesman or woman knows how and when to deliver their messages, so as to not worsen local or international political relations or opinion.

Second, unfocused atempts at major reform that affect the people are a sign that either the person lacks a clear agenda or the person is more concerned with obtaining power than smartly conducting the affairs of the State.  The sudden, aggressive attack on the price of meat and oil performed by issuing threatening sanctions.  This behavior is not the well thought actions of a Stateswoman-Reformer.  Changes in economic conditions for the sellers in the forms of tarrifs, penalties, laws, incentives and negotiations is the usual approach.

This leads me to my third point "competence in executing reforms":  She takes ownership for being the brain behind the legislative party and the real leader of the (governments) team.  Then, we as taxpayers in Ukraine should give her complete credit for our current tax reforms in the Customs and Import Taxation.

Import taxes and tariffs: I'm a US business owner and importer with a registered Ukraine firm, I still cannot afford to import goods with a value of 8,000USD or goods with a value of 1,000,000USD, because the prices to my end consumers in Ukraine are too high after taxation...She reduced the VAT...It's still too high to import goods or allow foreign firms to import goods for a sale price affordable to the local market.  This means less money, jobs, goods and services in the economy and fails to allieviate the massive unlawful practices performed by Ukraine business.

WTO failure and Customs:  The VAT (20%) is paid on the value of the goods and the value of goods can be decided by "informed" customs officials at the border.  Import tax:  She still kept the itemized list.  This is one of the Reasons the president had to announce that entrance to the WTO was not an option for Ukraine on the Set date.

Why would WTO reject her Reforms at customs?  Any entity that imports can tell you that it is nearly impossible to forecast what the real cost of your impotation will be until you are finished clearing Customs.  Example:  I doing a test and importing Ex-Stock clothes from America, they are shipped bulk and on pallets, childrens are mixed with mens and womens and there are shoes.  The import "Itemized list" taxes each good catagorically.  Womens appreal is 12% childrens is 6%.  Can you imagine the problems.

Income tax reform and the "Babushka" Tax:  The older generation received an increase in government pay.  This occurred, because Timoshenko mandated that the money would come from taxation of individual's salaries, small and big business.   Result: In the bazar I witnessed a store owner having to explain to an older woman that his prices increased, becuase he has to pay these new taxes so that she got extra money.  Ending: The older woman understood simple economics and had to walk away without buying the food.

The questions to the Queen of Ukraine are: When are going to perform a real tax reform that encourages investment and allows small and big business to bring money, goods and services into this economy?  My last comment: As a businessman, I want to succeed in Ukraine and I want Ukraine to succeed from my contributions and other's like me, but right now I'm trapped and I am closer to closing my business everyday.


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