Graduated Leningrad shipbuilding institute with a degree in engineering – shipbuilding. In 1978-1981 worked as a dock master.

From May 1981 to 1990 Kinakh worked as a master, chief master, dispatcher, head of manufacturing department of shipbuilding plant "Ocean."

In April 1990 he was elected to be a people’s deputy of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of XII convocation.

In 1990-1992 he worked in parliamentary Commission on economic reform.

After election of Leonid Kravchuk on the post of the president of Ukraine on December 1991, Kinakh was appointed the representative of the president in the Nickolaev region.

In spring 1994 he was elected the deputy of Nickolaev regional council and later on - the chairman of the council.

On July 1995 the president Leonid Kuchma appointed Anatoly Kinakh the vice Prime Minister on industrial policy (in the Cabinet of the Prime Minister Evgeny Marchuk).

After Marchuk’s resignation in May 1996, Kinakh was the acting vice-premier in the Cabinet, headed by Pavel Lazarenko.

On September 21, 1996 Kinakh was removed from the post of vice-premier “in connection with Cabinet’s resignation” and appointed the part-time adviser of the president on industrial policy.

In August 1999 Kinakh was appointed the first vice-premier in the Cabinet headed by Pustovoytenko. After reelection of Leonid Kuchma and further resignation of the Cabinet, Kinakh was the acting first vice-premier. Kinakh was not included in the Cabinet headed by Yushchenko, who was appointed the prime minister on December 22, 1999.

By the presidential decree of May 29, 2001 Kinakh was appointed the Prime Minister of Ukraine.

During the parliamentary election campaign, in March 2002, Kinakh got involved in the political bloc "For common Ukraine" and took the next position after then head of Presidential Administration Vladimir Litvin.

On February 4, 2005 Julia Timoshenko appointed Kinakh as the first vice Prime Minister of Ukraine.

Anatoly Kinakh likes classic music and also "Beetles", "Pink Floyd", "Time machine" (Russian rock group), Vladimir Visotsky. As for the literature, Kinakh likes science fiction (Strugackie, Stanislav Lem, Bredbery, Azimov, Shekly). Kinakh is keen on astrophysics and secrets of ancient civilizations.

Anatoly Kinakh smiles very rare; he has the reputation of a person who keeps himself in cotton wool. He is under influence of his wife, and some evil-wishers compare him with the president Yushchenko, who is under his wife’s thumb.

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