Victor Yanukovich was born in 1950 in Enakievo city, Donetsk region.

He graduated Donetsk Polytechnic Institute (presently Donetsk State Technical University) with a degree in engineering and Ukrainian Academy of foreign commerce with a master’s degree in international law.

He started his working activity in 1969. He worked as a gas-works employer of Enakievo metallurgical plant, auto mechanic. Over 20 years he held leading posts. He worked as a general director of industrial associations – "Donbasstransremont", "Ukrvuglepromtrans" and Donetsk regional territorial association of motor transport.

In August 1996 Victor Yanukovich was appointed the deputy chief and in September – the first deputy chief of Donetsk regional state administration.

From May 1997 to November 2002 – the head of Donetsk regional state administration, the deputy of Donetsk regional council.

In November 21, 2002 he was appointed the prime minister of Ukraine.

Victor Yanukovich is a doctor of economics, professor, full member of Academy of economic sciences of Ukraine, the member of Presidium of National academy of sciences of Ukraine.

Married, has two sons.

It is known that for the first time he was sentenced to three years of jail for robbery in December 1967. In honour of 50th anniversary of October revolution he was included in the amnesty. His term was reduced twice, but Yanukovich was released even earlier, in half of the year after arrest.

In June 1970 Yanukovich was again sentenced to two years of jail for assault and battery. Oppositional Ukrainian press, referring to some witnesses, asserted that in reality the criminal action had been brought according to the article about "rape in unnatural way" (the article 118 of Criminal Code of Ukrainian Soviet Socialistic Republic). However, the press-service of Ukrainian Cabinet, which organized the mass excursion of Yanukovich’s native city for journalists, asserts that Yanukovich suffered for the attempt to defend a girl from hooligans.

Nowadays information has been promulgated that Yanukovich was relieved of the both convictions before the appointed time in 1973, and in 1978 Yanukovich was brought in a verdict of not guilty by the decision of the presidium of Donetsk regional court. For today all documents concerning those criminal cases are annihilated, and the investigator and judges, according to the press-service, died long ago.

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