Graduated from the National University of Chernovits. 

Worked as an engineer in the research and development sector in the department of theoretical physics.  While there, he was a post-graduate student, as well as a junior researcher of the university.  His Komsomol career started in 1983.  He started out as an assistant secretary of the National University of Chernovits Komsomol Committee and in six years became the head of the Department of Propaganda and Agitation of LYCLSU  (Leninist Young Communist League of the Soviet Union), as well as the head of the Coordination Committee charged with interchange with Soviet youth organizations. 

At the time of the Emergency State Committee (GKCHP) Zinchenko was the co-author of the LYCLSU statement of absolute condemnation of the putsch as an attempt to overthrow the government.  At this time he also organized youth programs on television and was the head of the Liquidation Committee of LYCLSU. 

Zinchenko graduated from the Academy of Social Sciences with a degree in political science.  While in Kiev, he was the head of a limited liability company, "Ometa-Mercantile," which was part of "Ometa-XXI Century" – a holding company created by Grigoriy Surkis in 1992.  He later went on to become vice-president of a trade delegation of joint-stock company "Balchug."

In 1995 Zinchenko became the director-general of the AO ZT IA "Ukraina-Express" and the director-general of AOZT "The Independent Ukrainian TV Corporation" – the TV channel "Inter."  Until May 2002, Zinchenko was the honorary president of the channel.    

National deputy of three convocations. 

In the year 2002, Zinchenko got involved in the Parliament on a party ticket SDPU (u) (number 3 on the ticket). From May 2002 until September 2003, he was an authorized representative of the United Social-Democrat Faction.  In May 2002, he was elected as a vice-speaker of Parliament by a quota of SDPU. 

In 2003, Zinchenko had a falling out with Victor Medvedchuk’s party, and in July 2004 was selected to be the head of Victor Yuschenko’s electoral headquarters.  On September 25, 2004 he became the head of "Sila Naroda" – "People’s Power" coalition. 

In November 2004 Zinchenko was elected to be the Chairman of the Executive Committee on National Rescue.

On January 24, 2004, was chosen as State Secretary under President Victor Yushchenko. 

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