Judging on mass character and duration of deputy scuffle, there was not the most important drafts as WTO drafts considering by Verkhovna Rada. The supporters and opponents of Ukraine’s entry into WTO kicked each other before the eyes of millions of people.

The Party of Regions, Communist Party of Ukraine and Social-Democratic Party of Ukraine (united) are the staunch opponents of WTO. Even the request of the president of Ukraine did not work. On July 5, the president of Ukraine asked the deputies to pass WTO drafts.

Vsevolod Stepanuk, the Institute of World Economy and Foreign Affairs attached to National Academy of Science of Ukraine

The present situation is caused by the complex of the motives. In fact, it is the result of the government's actions for the last half a year. The government ignored the opinions which were not official ones.

In particular, the majority of the deputies did not familiarize with the plot of WTO drafts. It is not clear even for me how it is possible to vote for the drafts which are not familiar to me. The second thing is the illegal voting of deputies - duel jobholders for WTO drafts. These are the motives caused the confrontation which is still going on.

A year ago, BJT (Julia Timoshenko’s Bloc) along with Communists and Social-Democrats were against WTO and reckoned the entry to be untimely. The thing is that Julia Timoshenko of that time was a conjuncture politician but now it is profitable for her to back WTO. Frankly speaking, I haven’t got a clue what "Batkivshchyna" party (Timoshenko’s party) bases on. I think it is the one woman show.

Evgeny Nikolaev, Ukrainian Center of Structural Prognosis

Despite the positive propaganda, the entry into WTO may appear to be harmful for lots of Ukrainian enterprises and fields of industry. That is why this question is so problematic and disputed case.

It is most likely that the government successfully managed its purpose. It will make Verkhovna Rada to pass WTO drafts. The next problem is who will be guilty if WTO rejects Ukraine’ membership in this year. The passed drafts will act very soon. And in case of WTO rejection our enterprises will get severe and unfavorable legislation regulating their activity. Such events prove the statement that our government follows a policy of annihilation of a national producer…

Ekaterina Vashchuk, the faction of Narodnaya Party (People’s Party)

I think there are lots of reasons for the situation in Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. The first reason is the deputies duel jobholders. They are aware of two-month break for plenary sessions that is why they do not hurry to say good-bye to the mandates.

To demand from them to resign the plenary powers is the right position. The deputies must obey the Constitution of Ukraine.

The second reason is the WTO drafts. The deputies were exasperated by the demand to vote for the package of the drafts. The package revoked the protest.

"Batkivshchyna" party was the opposition yesterday, but now it is the power. The place of situation to a greater extant regulates the point of view. The attitude towards WTO is the example of it.


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