It is high time for Ukrainian power to work because its oratorical art has been appreciated by the nation at its true value.

The main driving force of the Orange Revolution was the strong wish to change the economic situation. Maidan’s leader disclaimed the economic achievements of the country for the last years. Yushchenko’s quotation "Gross domestic product cannot be buttered on bread" became an aphorism.

Candidate Yushchenko and his sister-in-arms Julia Timoshenko claimed themselves as political figures, who were capable to change Ukrainian economy in the earliest term. The new power pledged to benefit Ukrainians during the first 100 days. It was sound as a slogan not as a direct obligation. But those who voted for Yushchenko or for his opponent, stated: "We will see." When 100 days passed, they could value the real state of things. Frankly speaking, despite the presidential positive comments, there was nothing to be proud of. Instead of flourishing, Ukrainian economy was gradually fading. The only thing, which is flourishing now in Ukraine, is inflation.

The new power started to look for the causes of economic failures in the mistakes of the previous regime: oil crisis was caused by oligarchs, the increasing prices on goods - by speculators. The traditional answer of the power for its failures is "we would… but they prevent us" or it again pledges something . The only real action of the new regime is the administrative managing of economy.

The illustrative example of the power’s inability to stop endless discussions is the EU’s estimation of Ukraine. The first exam for Ukraine had to be the meeting of the EU representatives in order to provide Ukraine with the status of the country with market economy. But it did not happen because of the obvious unavailability of Ukraine. The examination was postponed to the autumn. It was a flop. That was the flop of the most popular strategic trend - European integration. The vice-premier of Ukraine, Oleg Rybachuk, foretold about the triumphal entry of Ukraine in the EU several months ago.

Ukraine in the EU. Such miserable things as market status and WTO entry were mentioned casually. Probably, someone reckoned to get these as a bonus for the Revolution. Ukraine wanted more than these two items - the membership in the EU in 2007. As a result, Ukraine lost everything because of the notorious administrative management of the economy and the act of Ukraine on VAT. They say, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bushes. There are no deals, but lots of new slogans of Oleg Rybachuk. He shouts about "project of millennium" and states that Ukraine does not need the status at all. The power did not draw any important lesson from the flop and did not develop any plan for future in order to gain the place in the EU or market status.

The World Investment Forum was another prominent event. The speech of the president sounded as something very well-known. It was the text of the inauguration speech with some additions. It consisted of excursus in Ukrainian history, legends and promises of happy future, the WTO entry and Euro integration. All this was told against the background of stagnant re-privatization, the long-term promises about creation of the property limit. The president speaks about the esteem to owners, but in reality, there is no respect to large owners at all.

The case occurred with Krivorozhstal enterprise is an example of it. From the one hand the president considers the voluntary settlement for the case, from the other one, the court pronounces judgment which may be appealed in the court on human rights. The premier has absolutely different opinion on this question: to re-sale as quick as possible.

With all this going on, the future of the enterprise is still unknown.

It is high time for politicians to act instead of speak. Ukraine must see the concrete plan of actions for the nearest time before the parliamentary elections.

Yushchenko and Timoshenko have to take real steps, directed to the establishment of real market economy and the fight with inflation. Besides, the government should find proper solution of the re-privatization problem. The nation wants to see the state leaders working.

Sergey Kramarenko

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