Will be the president of Ukraine the number one in the election list of NSNU (People’s Union Our Ukraine)? Despite the ambiguous reaction of different political parties Viktor Yushchenko is highly likely to take part in the elections-2006.

The controversy started when the NSNU head, Roman Bezsmertny, said on June 1, that Yushchenko would be the first in the lection list of coalition NSNU-BJT-people’s party.

The chief of juridical department of the Central Executive Committee of NSNU, Oleg Boyko said that the Ukrainian legislation does not prohibit the president of Ukraine to take part in the parliamentary election.

Later on the leader of the Ukrainian People’s Party (UNP), Yuri Kostenko, stated that the president of Ukraine could not participate in the election. In response to Kostenko’s statement, Boyko presented the cases from the Constitution of Ukraine, which legally regulates the president’s participation: the articles 102 - 103 of the part V and the acts "On the public service of Ukraine," "On the parliamentary election," "On political parties of Ukraine" and other statutory acts.

The president of Ukraine states that he is examining the necessity of his participation in the election. "If the political situation in Ukraine and millions of people, voted for my team, need my participation, I will take part," said Viktor Yushchenko.

But later on, Yushchenko disproved himself having stated that his name should not be the first in the election list-2006.

"I will consider, but more likely my answer will be 'no'," said Yushchenko.

Yuri Kostenko, the leader of UNP

Yushchenko cannot be the deputy of Ukraine. It is legally impossible. Before registration as a nominee, he must put in an application, which provides for his resignation in case of election as a deputy. Such president’s step will not be understood by the society.

NSNU’s initiation is a mistake.

Anatoly Rakhansky, the deputy of Ukraine and the member of PACE

I observed lots of parliamentary elections in different countries. I should admit that there was not any case of participation of first officials in the election list. The first official may lead the party but not to take part in the election. It makes difference.

The president is the guarantor of the Constitution; all parties should have equal rights for him.

If the president patronizes a certain party, he will use administrative resource in any case. It will be the repetition of Kuchma’s regime. Although Kuchma did not lead any party, he always promoted pro-presidential parties. It is too difficult to avoid of usage of administrative resource. Yushchenko pledged to make us closer to European democracy. In that case he should support both opposition and pro-presidential parties. The people trust him. If he betrays people’s confidence, the pendulum will shake in the other side.

Igor Shkirya, the Regions of Ukraine faction

The participation of Viktor Yushchenko in the election is the problem of mental and ethical kind.

The legislation does not prohibit unambiguously his participation. However, the president is the first official in the country. He must stand beyond all parties and political blocs even through he sympathizes with any of them. I reckon the president should reject the proposal. The head of the state must judge the true elections and not to use his name as a weapon of administrative pressure.


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