Recently Ukraine celebrated a significant day – 100 days of the new power. After all shocks - fall in dollar exchange, re-privatization and a row of ambiguous legal proceedings – even the most fervent fans of "orange revolution" began to doubt of sincerity and consistency of the new government.

The president Victor Yushchenko declared in his numerous interviews that he is satisfied with attained results. "We did not betray any slogan of Majdan (Independence Square – ed.). I can come to a veteran, a child, anyone and say that we were working for you," underlined the president.

However, the attempts of the president to promote Ukraine to European Union run across the lack of understanding of Cabinet and other state departments. If there is no clear system of realization of presidential decisions, Yushchenko’s statements will remain just statements.

Among achievements of the new power Yushchenko named "independence of Mass-Medias", which sounds at least strange in connection with the recent scandal with the TV channel NTN (regards to National Council of TV and Radio Broadcasting). It is possible to talk about increase of common weal, mentioned by the president, only with great reserve due to depression of the half of the country caused by the fall in dollar exchange (regards to Ministry of Finance). The situation with the guarantee of right of private property is indeed funny. It turns out that now not only the government can try to take property off any owner, as in case with "Krivorozhstal", Lisichansky oil-refining plant, Nickolaevsky aluminous plant, "Rinneazto", but also business rivals, as it happens with Nickopol plant of ferroalloy and FC "Dynamo" – Kiev.

To join EU, according to the words of the minister of European Affairs of Italy Rocco Battinglone, it is needed to carry out at least 31 reforms.

For example, it is needed to increase taxes, put prices on a par with European ones, follow the European standards of production, liquidate trade without cash register, and so on. It means that we need to change our life and to revise a lot of concepts, but not only to wash shop-windows before "Eurovision".

If we really want to join EU, the government will have to demonstrate that we share European values.

None of the European countries will take enterprises from their owners, following not legal grounds, but political considerations, as it happened with ZALK and UkrRudProm. None of the European countries will venture to press Court. None of the European governments will manipulate rate of exchange or regulate meet prices manually. Nobody will limit petrol prices. Nobody forms re-privatization lists.

In short, our government really has things to do. But the problem is that to follow European standards and requirements is rather difficult and takes much time, but we would like to join EU immediately. 

After Benita Ferrero-Waldner, Euro commissioner on foreign contacts and policy of European neighbourhood, advised Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova not to appeal for joining European Union in order to avoid denial, Ukraine decided to declare about oppression.

On May 3 the representative of Ukraine in EU, Roman Shpek, reported that the request not to appeal for joining European Union discriminates Ukraine. Even if Ukraine is not ready, it has a right.

The minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Boris Tarasuk, declared the official statement, in which he "asks the representatives of European Union not to interfere in the process of making decision concerning joining EU."

"We consider that the decision about appeal for joining EU is a sovereign right of any sovereign state. As the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko repeatedly pointed out, strategical direction of development of Ukraine is joining EU," reads the statement.

It looks as if Boris Tarasuk should be reminded that it is impossible to join EU without EU. For EU is more important the state of our economy and introduction of European values, but not the words of the president. The only thing we can get, playing in accomplishment of European requirements, is a "toy" entrance in Eurounion.

Anna Bezko

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