The actions of new administration can be explained in different ways: absence of professional training, revolutionary inertia, and thirst for revenge or something else. Among these actions, explainable from political point of view and unexplainable from juridical one, the so-called "NTN case" is one of the most resonance cases.

Under pretence of far-fetched problems with payment for broadcasting license and sharing of TV frequencies judicial authorities make an attempt to close NTN.
The fact that the administration’s accusations are far-fetched is proved juridically. However, the representatives of new power do not hide true reason of situation. New administration does not like Donetsk origin of the TV channel and its Donetsk founders.

Senselessness of fight with TV channel angered even the deputies of Verkhovna Rada. People’s deputies appealed to the country’s leader with the request to stop groundless pressure on NTN. Last week the speaker of VR Vladimir Litvin had read the Vladimir Zubanov’s enquiry to the president of Ukraine concerning defence of liberty of speech and stopping of pressure on the TV channel NTN. This enquiry was supported by 272 deputies.

Evenly, the channel can not be accused of anything. NTN started to broadcast from November 1, 2004 and did not take part in propaganda during presidential election campaign. NTN is the most impartial TV channel concerning material presentation, its analysis and comments.

Fierce fighters with NTN connect the channel with the previous administration. But there were no examples of channel closing during former regime. The previous power regarded about development of "the 5th channel" rather tolerantly, though, it openly supported then opposition (Yushchenko and subordinates).

If the "so bad" previous administration did not practice to close channels, how can the new power do this, declaring about democracy and openness at the same time?

The fight with the TV channel, as well as with other Mass-Medias, is a frank disgrace in the view of international right and norms of civilized states.

If to make a list of mistakes made by new administration (not a short one), the "NTN case" appears to be the most flagrant violence of speech liberty and human rights to get information.

Marianna Mykhalevich, political scientist

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