PM of Ukraine, the member of faction of Narodnaya party, Stepan Khmara gave an exclusive interview to the ForUm’s correspondent in which he expressed his opinion about Beresovsky, Gongadze’s case and situation with the bribe.

- The head of the Temporal investigating commission Grigory Omelchenko charged with the murder of George Gongadze declares that Litvin (speaker of Verhovna Rada – ed.), Derkach (the former head of Security Service of Ukraine, presently the PM – ed.), Kravchenko (the ex-head of MIA, who allegedly committed suicide – ed.) and Kuchma (the ex-president of Ukraine – ed.) organized the Gongadze’s kidnapping. Do you believe in this?

I can not understand why the report of the temporal investigating commission charged with Gongadze’s case is being blocked. The report was ready long time ago. Besides, this question was planned to be discussed on the plenary session, but some factions declined the reading, and obviously the chairman of Verhovna Rada Vladimir Litvin supported this denial. I can not understand, why the president asked not to give this report also.

The report of commission must be heard. Then, all documents should be given to the prosecution for further investigation.

- Grigory Omelchenko suspects, that once Yushchenko guaranteed inviolability to Kuchma after Kuchma would leave his post.

Omelchenko said before that he had information about agreement between Kuchma and Yushchenko concerning Kuchma’s inviolability. Now he says that this is his supposition only. I do not know, why Omelchenko contradicts himself...

- How can you comment the situation with Beresovsky? Can he influence the situation in Ukraine, having "Melnichenko’s records"?

I want to say that Beresovsky is a swindler and provoker of international scale and certainly he wants to get benefit from it. Possibly, he wants to distract the public attention from Kuchma’s crimes and to redirect attention to himself, declaring that he owns the Melnichenko’s records. It is an absolute deception. May be he has only a part of copies of records, but he wants to play a certain part in the policy of Ukraine.

Beresovsky must be declared the person non grata in Ukraine; Ministry of Internal Affairs must deny him a visa. There are all grounds for this. In 1999 he interfered in the internal affairs of Ukraine during presidential elections, when he comprehensively supported Kuchma. At that time he said that Kuchma was sent by God. Now he says that Kuchma indeed has committed crimes and must be brought to account. Besides, Beresovsky wants to help Ukraine in detecting this case.

We do not need any assistance from Boris Beresovsky. If we allow him to interfere in our internal affairs, we will show the weakness of our administration.

- What can you say about Kuchma’s participation in "Gongadze’s case"?

The ex-president of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma is one of the main customers of George Gongadze’s neutralization. We have every reason to believe that Kuchma will answer for all his crimes according to many articles of Criminal Code. Besides, these articles provides for confiscation of property.

- Can you comment the scandal about a bribe to members of government?

The question was to appoint a "proper" person on the post of director of an enterprise in the Lugansk region. This was an attempt to entangle government in this with the help of a bribe.

Anna Pisarenko,

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