National bureau of investigations can appear in Ukraine. As assumed, NBI will be engaged in pre-trial investigation.

Chairman of Security Service Alexander Turchinov, minister of internal affairs Yurii Lucenko and general public prosecutor Svyatoslav Piskun initiate transmission of a function which is now laid on the General Office of Public Prosecutor to the new organ. They consider that the question about creation of NBI must be decided in accordance with the article 9 of transitional positions of Constitution which provides for deprivation of prosecution organs of functions of pre-trial investigation. At the same time, they argue against creation of NBI due to liquidation of investigating subdivisions in Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) and Security Service of Ukraine (SSU).

In opinion of the leaders of MIA, SSU and General Prosecution, it is necessary to create NBI on the base of special cases investigating Department of main investigatory Administration of General Office of Public Prosecutor. Structural subdivisions of NBI in regions are suggested to be created on the base of investigatory administration of prosecution.

Except for it, Lucenko, Piskun and Turchinov consider that, taking into consideration future reorganization of State tax administration, it is possible to attract resources of investigation department of tax police.

Thus, after creation of NBI general system of pre-trial investigation of Ukraine will consist of NBI, Main investigatory administration of MIA and investigatory department of SSU.

In order to define attribution of each organ of pre-trial investigation Lucenko, Piskun and Turchinov suggest abolishing of institute of alternative investigative jurisdiction. They consider that NBI should be engaged in investigation of criminal cases which are in the service of prosecution and tax police now, SSU - cases concerning national safety, crimes, accomplished by employees of NBI, and also other cases which functions of SSU provide for. All other criminal cases will be investigated by organs of internal affairs.

Lucenko, Piskun and Turchinov consider also, that NBI must become an investigation organ only, where there will be no operative structures.

Guidance of the country planned creation of Bureau to April, 1, but, probably it would happen in September-October.

Concerning the number of employees in NBI, the chief of public connections Department in MIA Konstantin Stogniy says it comes into question; however a working group suggests that the staff of Bureau can consist of 3-5 thousand persons.


Alexey Plotnikov, political scientist, doctor of economic sciences, professor

The idea of creation of NBI in Ukraine arose yet in the middle of 90th, it is not new. The idea of creation of such organ evolved from world practice of decision of legal questions concerning great crimes. But I behave pretty skeptically to the fact that such bureau will be created in Ukraine. Probably, this idea will suffer the same fate as in 1995 or 1999 years. It is necessary to understand whether it is needed to create such organ. I do not think that an amount and quality of case detecting depend on creation of this structure; rather it depends on work of now acting law machinery.

Vladimir Malinkovich, political scientist, director of the Ukrainian branch of the International institute of humanitarian-political researches

It does not need to create NBI. We pay too much attention to "witch hunt". Strengthening of such organs, which control society, will not benefit anybody. It is simply needed to save the present law-machinery system. Let the office of public prosecutor be engaged in everything. Another question is what relationships will be between the office of public prosecutor and MIA?

I do not think that we need, in fact, "secret police". In spite of the fact that similar organ - FBI - exists in the USA, Ukraine does not need Bureau of investigations. There will be a simple gendarmerie.

Kost Bondarenko, political scientist

Investigatory departments are needed to be united in one single structure, as done in many countries of the world. This idea is not new; it is suggested for the fourth time already. The quality of NBI depends on the basis of this structure and people which will create it. Having a desire, any structure can be converted into a "secret police". We have the example of tax administration which allegedly might have been a fiscal organ, but grew into police.

If to talk about an organ which indeed can function as a "secret police", I would name National Security and Defence Council.  I can not say the same about NBI. In the USA the similar organ fully justified the existence. The amount of detected cases increased.

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