Last weekend the prime minister of Ukraine Julia Timoshenko promised to the country and world a substantial improvement of life already in 100 days. Thus, it remains quite unknown –due to what such improvement will happen and what it will result in.
Quite obviously, that new government aims to show its efficiency to the population in every way; and not a simple efficiency, but ability to change the standard of well-being of wide layers of population. These aims are fully explainable. At first, those citizens, which "orange revolution" rested on, are waiting for something from new power (thus their expectations are quite incommensurate to possibilities of new power). Secondly, new power wants to do "such thing", which will be talked about and held up as an example for a long time.

Thirdly, parliamentary elections - 2006 starts soon. And there is a danger of electorate disappointment before the beginning of hustings. All these factors determine the attempts of new government to do all possible for creating a favourable image.

Although, there are no special achievements, except for the process of re-privatization. The only thing done by government on this stage of development is changes in customs tariffs. On March, 15, Verhovna Rada made alterations in the custom tariff, having reduced the rates of customs fees for some groups of goods. 346 deputies from 420 supported proper law, entered by government. The law abolished rates of customs fees on mobile telephones and their stuff. Besides, the rate for bed linen and underwear is 12%, for shoes - 10%, for television sets, vacuum cleaners, domestic technique and refrigerators - from 10% to 14%, for washing-machines - 5%.  All these, certainly, attest abilities of Verhovna Rada implementation of government bill, but are very doubtfully from the point of aims of real improvement of people’s life.

Taking into account that some effective steps were not done by power for this time, it remained to hope only on the repeatedly promised revisions of the state budget for this year.

As known, on Wednesday, on March, 9, the Prime Minister Julia Timoshenko declared that government had prepared the changes in the state budget for this year. The project provides for liquidation of budgeted deficit at the rate 32 milliard gryvnas. The minister of finance Victor Pinzenik assures that deficit will be covered due to abolition of groundless privileges and profits from privatization. But it is far from reality, as the project provides for reducing of some articles related to the social sphere.

According to data from the newspaper "Den" (11.03.2005) with reference to the chairman of Central Committee of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine  workers trade union  Anatoliy Shirikov, in the project of state budget changes government shortened financing of NASU on 144 million gryvnas (15,4%). Assets for the purchase of new equipment for scientific researches are shortened twice, financing of the having a special purpose scientific and technical programs is practically halted, assets for fundamental and engineering scientific researches diminished on 64 million gryvnas, 55 million of which are reduction of salary fund.
The last one is especially surprising, as government promises to increase rates and salaries in a budgetary sphere on 57% this year.

Situation in the country is not optimistic. According to data from Ministry of economy prices for food stuffs are going to mount during the first ten-day period of March, 2005.

In general, there are no objective grounds for the swift improvement of life of Ukrainian citizens. The attempts of government to remind about itself, doing something positive for citizens, are not of long-term and stable on this stage of development. And nonrecurrent improvement will give nothing perceptible, but will develop public disappointments…

Andrey Frolov, political scientist

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