Political processes which characterize the present placing of forces in Ukraine make actual the question about opposition. Thus seeing of opposition remains amorphous enough both for new power and for those, who applies on the role of opposition.

Foremost, determination of opposition remains incomprehensible for Ukraine. Is it needed to understand it like countries with the developed democracy do, or opposition in Ukraine must rest on the Ukrainian roots and traditions only? If opposition must be based on the "Ukrainian scheme", then what is the main criterion of opposition?

History of Ukrainian opposition is short, as well as history of independence of the state. In this small interval of time it is possible to find examples which, possibly, characterize the specific of Ukraine, but do not satisfy the concepts of opposition, accepted in countries with the developed democracy.

Taking into account domestic realities it is possible to attribute left forces (Communist party, socialists, progressive socialists) to opposition. Left forces, being exits from the soviet state, are oriented on those, who did not found themselves under conditions of independence and market economy. In one or another degree the format of left forces supposes the presence of opposition to existent power, especially taking into account the fact that power never voted for restoration of that had been left after finding independence.

Except for left one, other forces are still in searching stage. Yes, indeed Chornovil, Vitrenko and Korchinsky declared themselves an opposition. And to all appearances, they have big chances for successful parliamentary activity exactly on the opposition field. Party "Trudovaya Ukraine" declared about their transition in "skilled opposition". SDPU (u) and "Party of regions" are at the same level of 'unclear definiteness".

It is difficult to say why the indicated parties can not form normal opposition and its principles.

Ukrainian society is waiting for real oppositions. Those hopes which were laid on Victor Yanukovich must be realized. Electors, which did not vote for Yushchenko, were waiting for decisive actions from their elect Yanukovich whom they saw as an active leader of active opposition.

New Ukrainian opposition must not use the slogans of the left, as well as must not "play a card of criminal mode", as it was done by Yushchenko and his company. Opposition activity and definiteness of its leader are those constituents, which must give an answer to the questions standing before the country and society. The country must have valuable opposition, which will not allow establishment of a totalitarian mode.

Alex Feklin, political scientist


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