PM, the ex-president of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk asserts that the present president of Ukraine sometimes consults with him. Kravchuk is also sure that everybody must arrange with Victor Yushchenko personally. He told all this in the interview to ForUm.

-Does Victor Medvedchuk intend to put up his candidacy in by-election to Verhovna Rada?

- Victor Medvedchuk studies this question and wants to seek advice. It is needed to find out which parties and which personalities will apply. We have a principle: if to take part – then to win. A party has to assure its leader’s winning. And if we do not have a faith in victory, we will not recommend him to take part, although as a citizen and personality he has a right to make his own decision.

-As I understand, your party will be oppositional one. Are you going to act independently or join other oppositional parties?

Position of the party, essence of opposition, philosophy of opposition, forms and methods of work are more important for us, but not the question of uniting.

With all respect to present power, but when it was in opposition, it sometimes improperly estimated people’s activity, naming them offenders, criminals, regime etc. It is a low political culture. We will call a spade a spade. For example, if power promised pensions, but did not fulfil the promise, we would remind: you did not pay pensions. But we will not name them criminals because they do not pay pensions. We want to show the culture of opposition.

I support the culture of Victor Yushchenko, who said that he initiated acceptance of law about opposition. Opposition is not a quarrel, but a reaction to concrete actions. If the president declares about action useful to Ukraine, I will never argue against. We are not enemies. We just have another position, another opinion. We are not communist opposition, which argues against everything.

- What is your attitude toward scandal round "Dynamo"? FIFA and UEFA try to interfere...

It is a public organization. And government can not interfere in activity of public organizations. There were cases, when UEFA imposed fines, forbade participation in the European tournaments, if a state wanted to control a team. Such statements sound amateurishly.

I had a talk with Victor Yushchenko concerning this question and understood that power did not want scandal round football. But it wants everything be legally.

If a judge in one day could attach 98% of stock, a lot of questions would appear. I think that it did not turn out without a "phone-call" or some pressure.
We are afraid that original interpretation of law will be used here in order to sow mistrust to "Dynamo"- Kiev.

- Some people are under impression that there is a certain conflict in government (situation with Zvarich, Melnichenko’s records). What do you think about it?

You see, power is heterogeneous; people are not from one philosophical school. Different people from different political camps united to fight for power. Now they need time to find out who asserts interests of Ukraine, who – his own.

I do not see deep contradictions between Zvarich and Timoshenko, only misunderstanding. More deep contradictions can be between Timoshenko and other political forces, such as Secretariat of president and Service of National Security and Defence, which have plenary powers. What will they do to prevent intersection of these powers? I think that everybody must arrange with the president personally.

- Council of National Security and Defence made decision to withdraw Ukrainian peacemakers from Iraq. What do you think about it?

It is implementation of promises. And if the minister of defence, Security Service of Ukraine and MFA, Government and VR consider it better, I share their decision.

- Does the president Yushchenko consults with you, as with the former president of Ukraine?

Yes. When there was a problem with “Oblenergo” and I saw that nobody followed the law, but used tanks and automats, I quickly called Victor Andreyevich, asking to not disgrace Ukraine before the world. He gave resolutions and prevented, possibly, hard consequences. Nobody knew what could happen, but the president understood and stopped it.

Similar situation with "Dynamo". This time he called me and we consulted how to do better in this situation. Victor Andreyevich demonstrates a tendency to an art. He draws, takes a great interest in flowers. But a president must know everything and be responsible for everything. And even if he is not convinced today, that football is inspiration for him, this is not important. He must follow expedience and responsibility.

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