In the interview to ForUm’s correspondent PM of Ukraine (faction of Public Agrarian Party of Ukraine) Vladimir Maystrishin expressed confidence in the necessity of acceptance the law about social guarantees to ex-presidents of Ukraine, compared new government with "green wine" and asked the Ukrainian citizens to wait till the government fulfill the Cabinet program.

- How can you comment the actions of new government? Are you content with new government?

- Now? Even not waiting till 100 days finish? It looks like estimating green wine in the period of its ripening. Government, especially such ambitious one, which declares a lot of interesting and, in my opinion, progressive things, needs at least 100 days to make any estimation.
It is possible to give only strokes to the portrait.
Today is a gold time for government, it has almost perpetual trust of president and parliament and what is the most important: the population is ready to support power.

All the same, unfortunately, government does not succeed to maintain publicity which was declared. It concerns changes of the state budget. Government does not have concrete information, about how and what will be executed, and what will not. As you remember, government declared that the changes would be accepted in budget at March, 15. But today it is already March and so far nothing has done.

Everybody is waiting whether all social promises are fulfilled. Economics depends upon this.

- Rumour has it that Julia Timoshenko can be sent in resignation in autumn of this year.

- I once again would like to say that to talk about resignation after three weeks since such triumphal appointment as the prime minister would be premature. If parliament expresses such serious support, let’s convert trust in patience.

- What do you think about so-called "retirement" of Roman Zvarich?
- Ministry of justice had certain logic concerning problem of re-export. I mean that to forbid re-export by a proper decision is impossible. Government and parliament should enhance legislation to not allow such illegal actions as VAT compensation.

I do not want to comment such things as family ties of business and public service. I mean the case of Zvarich and his wife.  I do not have enough information. But I say once again, that to estimate minister’s work at some steps would be imprudently. But he has to draws conclusions from this situation.

- What do you think about the statement of the speaker Vladimir Litvin concerning campaign against him? Does it mean that Litvin| intends to join opposition?

- Why to join opposition? If a man has his own political position it is needed to whip him off in opposition and to trample down? Such statements can harm Litvin as speaker of parliament, politician, as a man eventually.

- Will “Public party” take part in parliamentary elections–2006? Are you going to associate with another party?

-To talk about parliamentary elections is too early now. Government needs to make a lot of changes in legislation. And it will demand serious mobilization of parliament. So we will talk about elections somewhere at the end of autumn. At least... not now.

And concerning formation of coalition… We will see alignment of forces in Ukrainian policy in autumn and will decide what to do.

- Recently Roman Zvarich offered to abolish the| decision of previous government concerning system of ex-presidents defence guarantees, in particular, Leonid Kuchma’s social guarantees, guard, service. What is your attitude?

- You know, I absolutely agree with the minister of justice in this plan. Imagine, president has Cabinet decision which protects him, but tomorrow another government comes and accordingly abolishes the decision and adopts another one.

There must be a law which sets social guarantees for ex-presidents. I do not talk about how many drivers he needs - 12 or 16. It must be a law adopted by parliament, society and president. When present president becomes an ex-president, he will understand: here is the law, here is his future.

Pisarenko Ann, ForUm


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