Leaders’ appointments made by new power caused massed criticism from the side of political opponents. One of basic arguments of this criticism was a thesis about unprofessionalism of new leaders. Among these leaders Alexander Turchinov, new head of Security Service of Urkaine, was mentioned.

On February, 17 Turchinov conducted a press-conference. He told he was not afraid of his new tasks and would be able to complete all changes in Security Service. He notarized in particular, that Security Service stopped servicing the ruling regime.
At the end of press-conference Alexander Turchinov answered a few questions of our correspondent.

- Alexander, are not you afraid, that as a result of fight against corruption which you proclaimed in your department, Security Service will lose too many officials?

-It does not matter how many people will leave Security Service or how many actions will be brought. We have people, which can execute functions of officers, investigators, those, who provides state safety.

I hope that educational establishments which Security Service has, and those changes, which take place in society will recruit a lot of new people which can do their duty.

- How can you answer the accusations of your political opponents concerning incompetence of new appointed leaders?

I think the problem is not in leaders’ incompetence, but in incompetence of Service or Ministry. I do everything to make my people and their work more competent. I do not know a lot of nuances, but I learn quickly enough.

- Do you feel "completely involved" in your new job? If your "revolution team-mates" appear in eyeshot of your department, will you behave according to law?

If there is a situation, when someone is out of law reach because he is a "high" person, I will send in my resignation on principle.
Law is the same for everyone. I and all my colleagues, including the heroes of "orange revolution" must serve law. If we do not, we will betray the ideals of "orange revolution".

Bugar Alex, ForUm

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