Leader of party "Fraternity" Dmitry Korchinsky, head of Progressive Socialist party of Ukraine Natalia Vitrenko and PM Taras Chornovil intend to create associate opposition. It was officially declared on February, 22, in Kiev.
Desire to team up with Vitrenko Korchinsky explains very simply: "PSPU is heard about  because it acts in the street: organizes mass meetings and protests. And I think it is right. We are also engaged in this. Now only that opposition is worth something, which is able to bring out enough people to block public institutions. If there is no such possibility there is any sense to take part in elections. It does not matter how many voices we get."
As for Chornovil, he declared that he considered Korchinsky and Vitrenko only temporal allies and would not participate in street actions. He will create structural opposition with Victor Yanukovich.



Alexey Plotnikov, political scientist, doctor of economic sciences, professor

It is very interesting motion. "Party of Regions", "Social Democratic Party of Ukraine" or others do not dare to make an opposition. They only report, but it sounds somehow limply.

Vitrenko in opposition - it is logical, Korchinsky and Chornovil - also. In principle, their action will urge to form real opposition.

How many votes they will take on elections is difficult to forecast, because elections are too far. But practice shows that various configurations of various political leaders can have a seat in parliament.

Victor Nebojenko, political scientist

This political trinity undoubtedly has political future. At first, they are very different. Secondly – they have object for criticism - new power. So, I think, they will exist at least two years.

Certainly, this is a blow not on Yushchenko or Timoshenko, but on Yanukovich. Millions of persons voted for him, but for Vitrenko and Korchinsky hundred times less. Now they begin "to eat up" the electorate of Yanukovich and in all likelihood, taking into account their quickness and smartness, they will take away considerable part of it in 2006, leaving to Yanukovich only Donetsk.
This association consists of original persons; therefore it is difficult to say who will prevail. It will be "theater of three actors". We will become witnesses of heart-rending scenes and mutual insults. They will bring a variety in the slightly depressed situation of modern policy.

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