The Head of the Central election committee Yaroslav  Davidovich told to ForUm about the electoral legislation of Ukraine, pointing out, that «elections-2006 will be more difficult, than the presidential». He marked also, that he had no grounds to do not trust the command of Yushchenko.
Head of Committee is «ready at once if you like » to hold new elections; and about procedure of inauguration of president  he talks: «This is the very moment, when the word «patriotism» stops to have an abstract meaning, but becomes very concrete, gets real and perturbing sense for everybody».

How do you estimate present Ukraine PM elections law? Is it perfect from the legal point of view? Is Central Committee going to offer parliament to make alterations in the law?

Laws of Ukraine « About elections of president of Ukraine» and «About elections of PM of Ukraine» were accepted by Verhovna Rada of Ukraine at the beginning of the last year at the same time. In spite of the fact that these laws regulate the different legal relations, both have a row of questions which are interpreted ambiguously. If complications in application of norms of Law of Ukraine «About elections of president of Ukraine» we already felt in full measure, problems with a new Law of Ukraine «About elections of PM of Ukraine» are still ahead.
Though a new law did not yet even enter into action, representatives of legislative initiation gave on parliament consideration a row of bills, which either complement the last variant of law or absolutely change its conception. We know that election can be held with three different systems: majority, proportional and mixed. If with majority and mixed systems we already held elections, proportional is new for us. So, some of those projects of laws, which I just said about,  are directed exactly to that either to go back to the old mixed system or to use the new mixed system in which the elements of one system are partly used with the considerable predominating of other.
It is needed to remember those tense debates which accompanied practical application of law about elections of president of Ukraine, in regard to a right for the representatives of public organizations to be official representatives on elections of president of Ukraine. Public organizations (I know majority opinion) until now consider that this limitation of their rights is illegal.
So, not eliminated, that similar discussions will appear now, as there is no such norm also in Law of Ukraine «About elections of PM of Ukraine».   Although there is the proper bill which foresees some changes.
Some projects of law foresee the changes, in obedience to which equality of women and men will be provided in the electoral rolls of parties and also equality of representative office of national minorities, young people, social layers of population and regions. And one of the registered bills forbids promulgation of exit poll results till official announcement.
 Besides, some other innovations are offered in the electoral legislation.
Now the Central election committee actively studies the norms of new law of Ukraine about elections of PM and co-operates with the profile committee of Verhovna Rada of Ukraine to give its own suggestions concerning the law improvement.

Will parliamentary elections - 2006 be of the same tense for Central election committee, as well as elections - 2004? What is your opinion?

As it is spoken out in MASS-MEDIA, parliamentary elections-2006 will be more difficult, than presidential. And I agree with it. In these elections we will use new system.  Therefore everybody, beginning with Central election committee, territorial and district commissions and ending with parties, candidates and their representatives, will come across with difficulties.
Separate theme is proportional part of leading positions consisting of territorial and district election committees. Central election committee has to define the order of leading positions distributing between parties. And the most difficult is to keep principle of equal conditions.
Besides, the amount of electors’ voices, necessary for getting one deputy mandate, is reduced. Now three percents, not four as before, are enough.  And this in its turn multiplies the amount of potential participants in elections.
I want also to remind, that recent events intensified the question of responsibility for motion of elections, and it now lies on every participant of electoral process. As bitter experience of last election campaign showed, single subjects of electoral process, in particular members of district elections committees, rudely violated the legislation about elections, and sometimes accomplished the criminal acts, manipulating with voting papers.

As a citizen of Ukraine, how do you estimate the first appointments made by new president Yushchenko? What do you think about the first steps of new Cabinet of Ministers?

President came to work not only with the program, but also with the command of like-minded persons. Victor Yushchenko makes new appointments - this is his prerogative and right, as he will rely on these people in his work. He has the trust of citizens which have chosen president, and I consider that we have no grounds to do not trust the command which he called for realizing declared program.
Time and society will give the best estimation to actions of president and government.

During elections-2004 Central Election Committee worked very hard. How do you feel?

Thank you, I am in a good physical form. Certainly, in the days of elections there was too much work, and we got tired. These elections were the heaviest; therefore it demanded a lot of strength, concentration and emotions.
A few weeks which already passed after elections, appeared sufficiently for rest. Now I am ready to hold new elections.

You took part in inauguration of president Yushchenko. What feelings did this event evoke?

Generally speaking feelings were various. As a public servant, which is professionally engaged in elections, I felt a sense of relief - everything had been done normally, and inauguration was a logical and appropriate finale.
As a head of Central selection committee I felt agitation and responsibility, as I had to  hand to president a certificate and to felicitate him. I want to say that the feeling of involvement into historical moment is an adequate reward for big tension during elections. 
But as a citizen I felt delight. There was solemn and exultant mood, which passed to everybody. It was the very moment, when the word «patriotism» stops to have an abstract meaning, but gets real and perturbing sense for everybody.

Pisarenko Ann, ForUm

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