The Leader of «Fraternity» Dmitry Korchinsky considers that new power is “pretty boys and girls”, asserts that « you do not need to tell the truth to elector » and is going to create coalition with Progressive Social Party of Ukraine (PSPU). About it and other Dmitry told in an exclusive interview to the journalist of ForUm.

Is «Fraternity» going to participate in parliamentary elections-2006 and if - yes, - independently, or in a block?

Now we are making an attempt for creation of oppositional coalition. If it is succeeded we will participate like a part of coalition, If not - independently.

If like a part of coalition, then with whom exactly?

For today we agreed about coalition with PSPU. This is only an agreement about joint organization of streets actions. But we develop a joint political platform also.

There were no talks about elections, as we consider this prematurely. Now only that opposition is worth something, which is able to bring out enough people to block public institutions. If there is no such possibility elections do not make sense. It does not matter how many voices we get.

In opinion of many, PSPU exists only due to active use of Yanukovich electorate. What is your attitude toward it? Are there the prospects of collaboration of «Fraternity» and PSPU?

PSPU is heard about because of its activity in the street: organization of mass meetings, streets actions protests and other. We are also engaged in this.

Your street style of work became a little boring. Can we expect something new and extraordinary?

I hope we will make something extraordinary on November, 22. In this day in Brussels Yushchenko will ask permission to enter NATO. This will be ANTINATO action jointly with PSPU. The main events will take place in Kiev. Possibly, we will succeed to conduct action of protest in Brussels with the help of our supporters.

Comment, please, last appointments in regular units, in particular – in Ministry of Internal affairs and safety Council of Ukraine.

Appointments are not bad, but I would prefer Bilozir as minister of defense and Chervonenko as minister of culture.

Function of Lucenko is to shorten the half of police staff, to fire out all generals, to bring in destruction and break the system. The government of Kerensky did it in 1917. On the role of bolshevists we plan to put the united opposition; strictly speaking we work on it now.

Will you co-operate with the power, with Yushchenko and Timoshenko?

All of them are pretty boys and girls; they do a lot and speak rightly. The problem is that these are not their own words and actions. The same things happened before. In 1812 the progressive French army decided to conquer Russia and to bring there serfdom abrogation and the European norms of life of those times. But those peasants, to whom this liberation was carried, decided to take axes and killed those French soldiers. I understand them. Our primary task is  to protect our sovereignty from the dictate of American, European and transnational structures, to make attempt to remove all those, who serve Americans and Europeans.

You told that the members of «Fraternity» are ready to dress suits and to get a touch of homosexuality.

No. I never told that we were going to get a touch of homosexuality; I talked simply, that public, elector better perceived homosexual aesthetics. When he (elector) sees our people, he perceives them as hooligans. But when he sees different not traditionally oriented - in sexual sense - figures from «Our Ukraine» he like them in general... in European sense.

Sure, after presidential elections we decided that there is no more need to scare an elector. It is not need to tell the truth to elector, it is not needed to behave normally. An elector needs to be flattered and you have to play on his weak sides, not to call to the strong sides of human nature.

At the cost of what does «Fraternity» live? Do you have a machine, summer residence?

«Fraternity» lives at the cost of offerings, as well as any organization like this. I do not have a summer residence.

Would you like to leave Ukraine forever?

No way. Ukraine is the best place in the world and, to my mind, most suitable for our activity. Sometimes I feel like going somewhere to normal country, Afghanistan, Iran, South Lebanon, for example, - where simple and clean human senses dominate, where people tell the truth to each other, but all the same our war must be won in Ukraine.

An interview was written down by Pisarenko Ann, ForUm

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