The new-appointed minister of foreign affairs Boris Tarasuk considers that agreement concerning Ukraine’s participation in Single Economic Area (SEA) with Russia, Kazakhstan and Byelorussia must be tested if it corresponds to national interests in legal and economic sphere.

The minister reminded that the agreement concerning creation of SEA was given to the Constitutional court for examination but is not considered yet.

Holding the post of minister, the leader of MFA Tarasuk will try to realize a project of “integration with Europe” which is determined by president as a main for today. At the same time, Boris Tarasuk added that there will be no policy «either westward or to Russia».

Tarasuk also marked, that nothing frightful will happen, if Ukraine enters into NATO on the way to EU. The same happened with many European countries, the minister asserts.

As for the relationships with Russia, Tarasuk affirms that they will be structural, pragmatic and benevolent.

We remind that on January, 24 Yushchenko declared in Moscow that during SEA formation Ukraine would like to save a right to enter other markets.


1:24 PM Alexey Plotnikov, political scientist, doctor of economic sciences, professor

Tarasuk was the most irreconcilable opponent of SEA. He declared many times, that their candidate after coming to power would break off this agreement. I think that they will soon find something that falls short of national interests and Ukraine break off this agreement.

I do not think that SEA can not do without Ukraine. Fully possibly that other states will enter it. In its time Moldova showed interest to Single Economic Area. SEA can exist without us. But from the point of national interests it is advantageous for us to develop the relationships with the neighbouring states, especially with Russia. I do not want the political convictions of Tarasuk and new power conflicted with financial viability.

As for Yushchenko’s wish to save a right of entering other markets, agreement conditions do not restrict it. Formula of SEA assumes such things for Ukraine. From this point of view I do not see any obstacles and contradictions

03:59 PM Vsevolod Stepanuk, Institute of world economy and international relations of National Science Academy of Ukraine

To my opinion, Ukraine indeed prepares for going out SEA. New government consists of the obvious opponents to entering SEA and obvious supporters of joining EU.

As far as I know, Ukraine signed the SEA agreement with some amendments; the country is not ready to enter all structures. Secondly, no Ukrainian laws can be broken as this structure is only being created. Ukraine, as one of creators is able to change the terms according to its interests.

 I think that SEA can exist without Ukraine. Except Russia, Byelorussia and Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, can enter there. The point is that SEA shows considerable promise in development towards east. For example, Russia and Kazakhstan are the participants of the Shanghai group which wants to create a free trade zone with China and other Asiatic countries. Prospects are great, as these countries develop stormily.

And the USA and EU, on the contrary, have very serious macroeconomic problems. If EU, as Marks wrote, does not become the United States of Europe, it will not be able to exist as normal economic system. As a decision-making mechanism there is so difficult, this economic system will not be able to react adequately on any changes.

And the last moment. Yushchenko says that he is going to establish relations with Russia following pragmatism. But what if Russia wants to establish relations with us in the same way, for example, as with Germany? Will Ukraine stand it? Russia is an all-sufficient country, and Ukraine in a great deal depends on deliveries of raw material which our industry can not work without.


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