On the eve of voting for the candidature of premier of Verhovna Rada of Ukraine, the leader of faction "Regions of Ukraine" Raisa Bogatireva gave an exclusive interview to the correspondent of ForUm.

Raisa Vasilievna, what mood has the Party of regions now, when, as expected, a new government must come - government of  Julia Timoshenko?

We feel like working. We understand that this is only one of the questions, which, as a rule, arise up in every parliament. This is an ordinary working moment - to define, who will lead a next government. Starting from a postulate, that there are no eternal governments and every government is temporal, we understand that this government will come on the short period of time.

To your opinion, is woman-premier good for Ukraine or not?

I have already talked about it, and I want it to be heard by those, who will read this interview. I do not estimate a work of either a man in executive power or a politician according to his sex. I consider that everything depends on professional features.

Many representatives of other parliament factions have professional features which a premier needs today. And they could be realized, if a president had offered these candidates. However the president made his choice in favour of  Julia Timoshenko. And we examine this question for the purpose of effectiveness of her work.

In character and psychological features Julia Vladimirovna is a politician which quickly makes decisions, politician which can attract  experts or advisers for this purpose. Exactly this fact tells that there will be enough voices in parliament for Timoshenko being ratified on the post of prime minister from the first. I think that this very fact was at the heart of president's suggestion of this candidature.

Will you, personally, vote for the candidature of Timoshenko?

I represent electors, which followed after political force which was the opponent of block "Our Ukraine" and coalitions " Strength of people". And for today position of electors in those regions, where our supporters appeared, did not change in relation to their choice. In the group which I represent, there was no Julia Vladimir, so my choice is the following: I will not vote for Julia Vladimirovna.

What is Victor Yanukovich engaged in now? Why did he so suddenly disappear from the TV and newspapers' lines?

Victor Yanukovich did not disappear. Possibly, the news channels do not  aim at placing news which is related to Victor Yanukovich. Victor Feodorovich is in Ukraine. He came back after brief rest, what was natural, and proceeded to work which he was engaged in before. These are organization of work and preparation of party convention. Today active consultations recommenced on the occasion of convention realization. Besides, Yanukovich meets with electors.

Well, and channels' politics  changed. Fortunately or unfortunately - it is difficult to say, time will show. I think that, we do not see the whole palette of political interests and positions on the screen.

Party of regions is heard to discredit itself during presidential elections and its chances to pass in parliament in 2006 substantially diminished. What do you think on this occasion?

I do not want to answer this question not because it is difficult or unpleasant for me, but because the concept of "discredit" is not clear to me. What does "Party of regions" discredited itself mean? To whom and to what? Party did not harm the population of Ukraine; therefore it could not discredit itself.

Some deputies have already left your faction, some are seriously thinking about it. What is your position?

It is connected with party in no way. It is related to the personal interests of deputies, many of which came to work in parliament at their commercial projects. People, which understand that a deputy is a politician, are in faction and are not going to leave anywhere. And if someone thinks that faction of Regions will pursue a retaining policy, or will strengthen its presence in parliament with the help of deputies-defectors, this is misbelief. We consider that it is necessary to attract not separate deputies, but to formulate own position and  to make those suggestions which correspond to interests of electors. Then any faction will have a right to life. Artificial constitutions  do not live long.

If separate factions are harshly multiplied today, I feel for their leaders. As a rule, defectors are people with the unsteady looks, they will be ready to escape, as well as came running. In particular, I would advise to party, which lately begins to activate its work and whose faction begins to grow, I talk about " National agrarian party", to behave itself like we did : to adopt not everybody, who came without expounding reasons, but only those, who divides ideology; to form party not for a leader, but for an idea.

We perform with it before. We did not always succeed it, and I acknowledge it. I think that only such principle will make any political body, any faction stable.

An interview was written down by Bugar Alex, ForUm


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