On August 26-27, during  an informal summit of the CIS state heads, the presidents are supposed to consider 8 problems. They will discuss the bill drafts concerning the reforms and improvement of the Community organs, Agreement on the humanitarian cooperation of the CIS member-states, the declarations in connection with celebration the 60th anniversary of UNO.

Besides there will be the Appeal of the CIS member-states to the word public on account of the 20th anniversary of Chernobyl accident.

The heads of the states will be offered as well to sign up the number of the documents without discussing, as all these documents were discussed previously at the meeting of the Councils of governments' heads and foreign ministers and at the session of the Economical Council of CIS. These documents include the programs for the cooperation of the CIS-countries in the struggle against the terrorism and illegal migration for the next years, the programs for the military cooperation, for the agreed neighbouring policy of the Community states  and other documents.


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