Transdnestrian association "Pro Europa" calls President of Ukraine to remove Petr Poroshenko, Secretary of National Security and Defense Council, from his post as his actions cause damage to economic security of Ukraine and Moldova.

President of the association Boris Asarov named Poroshenko a "criminal businessman" and "lobbyist of interests of criminal regime of Transdnestrian president Igor Smirnov and Transdnestrian Security Minister Vladimir Artyufeev in Ukraine."

According to Asarov, "NSDC Secretary is interested in illegal weapon supply through Illichevs port, organized by a criminal grouping."

"After the tens of transdnestrian trainloads were arrested in Ilichevsk port, Poroshenko conducted a corresponding work with the heads of Kotov customs-house. Now arms smuggling passes Ukrainian border without difficulties. Pavel Shisholin represents Poroshenko interests in State frontier service and is responsible for inviolability of transdnestrian loads. Alexander Simonov, the head of Odessa customs, is also involved in this," said Asarov.

Besides, according to President of association "Pro Europa", Poroshenko "owns stocks of Moldavian joint-stock company “Gemeni” and, using his high position, put pressure upon courts, which consider the company’s cases."


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