People’s deputy of Ukraine, the leader of the Party "Labour Ukraine" Valery Konovalyuk invited journalists, including ForUm’s correspondent, to his summer cottage near Kiev.

The cause for invitation became an article on one of Internet site, in which journalists told in details about buildings, placed on six hectares, which allegedly belongs to Konovalyuk. According to journalists’ data, people’s deputy erected stable, tennis-court, large gym on this land. Besides, it has been told that Konovalyuk is building one more three-storyed mansion with outhouses and attics measuring one thousand square meters.

Valery Konovalyuk showed journalists his "unbelievable" luxury, which has been valued at ten million USD in the article.

"Everything is transparent, I do not hide from anybody," started Konovalyuk his excursion.

Behind two-meter high fence there are 4.5 hectares of rented forest. Konovalyuk told that this forest is rented by four owners of neighbour estates.

As it was found out, that very three-storyed mansion is being built not by the deputy but by his neighbours, which were also introduced to journalists. A small lake is situated on their territory also.

Konovalyuk owns a house measuring 200 square meters, surrounded with pines. Besides, there are garage, guest house, bath-house, winter pavilion, swimming pool, artificial waterfall.

House décor can not be named a Spartan’s one, but we did not see any "golden w.c. pan." There are three rooms on the second floor and kitchen, sitting-room and "winter garden" with exit to the swimming pool.

Konovalyuk confirmed that he owns a stable and showed his favorites – four horses of the breed Ukrainian riding.

As for the tennis-court, playground and sport complex, Konovalyuk said all these do not belong to him personally. It is a common territory for those who live here. Among Konovalyuk’s neighbours there is the president of "Kievstar" Company, Igor Litovchenko.

People’s deputy pointed out that the estate belongs to his mother. "My mum has her own declaration, her own incomes, which allow to buy this house," said Konovalyuk.

At the same time Konovalyuk showed the state act, which confirms a property right on 1.7 hectares of this land. Deputy also showed his income declaration, in which apartments in Kiev, jeep "Lexus", holdings of Konovalyuk and his family are reckoned. According to him, he got about three million UAH of income for the last two years.

Valery Konovalyuk considers that the article about his property is an ordered material. He said he knows who ordered the article with untrue data. According to him, it was an attempt to discredit him on the eve of parliamentary elections. Konovalyuk assured that his position is stable. He has underlined that he will name the customers of the article in case the similar actions continue.

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