On 7-9 September the conference dedicated to liquidation of consequences caused by Chernobyl will be held in Vienna. Ukraine will represent National Report on Liquidation of Chernobyl Sequences; Boris Tarasuk Exterior Minister of Ukraine states it today during the meeting of Ukraine’s Foreign Diplomatic Establishments.

He pointed out that the report is done by Ministry for Emergency Control and will be represented to Ukrainian Ambassadors in corresponding states of residence.

The target of the report is to show to the world what kind of problems Ukrainian power deal with.

Tarasuk states that during the meeting the ambassadors were given certain commissions concerning assistance for the organization and conducting of conference in Slavutich on this problem. The date is still unknown.

Exterior Minister reported that issue concerning the special session of UNO General Assembly on Chernobyl was under discussion. David Zhvania Minister of Emergency Control will take part in it in April 2006.

Tarasuk added that unfortunately, so many years passed but Chernobyl still has got lots of problems.


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