Svyatoslav Piskun announced that Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine needs to be re-shaped; especially it touches upon its Department to Fight Organized Crime. He states that officials of the Department must become elite of the Ministry. They must "be a secret agents" and "officers under cover." The essence of the structure is to be secret, well-informed and professional.

He stated that it is necessary to pass the act concerning formation of municipal police. It will not be influenced by local authorities, he is sure of it. "The Prosecutor will keep a municipal policeman within the limits of law," added Piskun.

Svyatoslav Piskun pledged that nobody could influence his department, especially the power. "Neither President nor Poroshenko (Secretary of National Security and Defence Council - ed.) or even Chairman of the Supreme Court cannot influence General Office of Pubkic Prosecutor," stated Piskun.

Concerning the coordination and relations between Interior Ministry, Security Service and his department, Piskun stated that everything is well coordinated and there is nothing to worry about. Commenting on rumors about his argue with Yuri Lucenko Interior Minister of Ukraine, Piskun replied smiling that "what kind of argue may be between Prosecutor and Interior Minister?" But sometimes their opinions are different.

"It is a kind of war between Interior Ministry and General Office of Public Prosecutor since 1927. It is even not war but so-called complicated business relations," explained Piskun.

General Prosecutor is proud of his department’s achievements. According to his data, General Office of public Prosecutor of Ukraine finished investigation of 13,000 criminal cases comparing with 12,000 ones in previous year. 12,194 criminal cases were filed to court, the last year it was equal to 11,893 cases. 391 criminal cases were closed in 2005. 769 economic crimes were investigated. 705 cases concerned corruption comparing with 544 ones in 2004. Organized crimes were investigated 97 times instead of 81 times in 2004. 30 criminals were amnestied but in 2004 they were 34 in number. 240 criminal cases were returned to additional investigation, in 2004 - 249 criminal cases.

So, it can be said that General Office of Public Prosecutor has reached the best indexes for the last decade.


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