In the middle of September Eurointegration Minister Oleg Rybachuk plans to speak in British Parliament.

This issue was discussed during working meeting between Rybachuk and Simon Hews, the member of the House of Commons and the chairman of Liberal-democratic Party.

Hews invited Rybachuk to Britain in the middle of September. He also offered Rybachuk to give interviews to the leading British Mass-Media, BBC and "Financial Times." Simon Hews mentioned that "a political season would start in Britain from September 1. This is the very time for politicians and public to know more about Ukraine." Hews underlined that “London supports Ukraine’s Eurointegration course, but there are a certain informational vacuum."

He considers that Ukrainian politicians and other famous Ukrainian figures "must appear in Britain and British press more often. British people should see more Ukrainian faces, which represent Ukraine, should know more about opportunities, which Ukraine can give to Europe."
Rybachuk expressed regret concerning bloody terrorist acts in London one more time and promised to go by subway as a sign of support of Britain’s citizens

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