Leonid Kravchuk the First President of Ukraine reckons that the economic and political situation in Ukraine will worsen.

"The prices on food, especially on meat, have been raised by more than100% in comparison with 2004. The prices on fuel are constantly getting higher. The inflation of the half-year is 15%, the gross domestic product reduced by 3.2 times. So, we have got all characteristic features of economic crisis. It goes without saying, that it negatively influences peoples’ life," stated Kravchuk.

During his visits to Dnepropetrovsk, Lugansk, Vinnitsa and Odessa he spoke with people who stated that the new power had prepared the falsification of elections. "At least, the elections to local bodies of power which were held in 2005 conducted without even smell of democracy," mentioned the First President of Ukraine.

He announced that he and his party will do all their best in order to maintain the justice by all means of legal actions.

Besides, Kravchuk centered the attention on the fact that Social-Democratic Party of Ukraine United (SDPU (u)) is ready to unite with Party of Regions for the parliamentary elections-2006. But the last word belongs to Party of Regions. "International unions of all kind are regulated by the only question whether such union will be useful for strategic interests of Ukraine. If it is useful, so we will join such structures," stated Kravchuk.


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