Lvovskaya Gazeta reports that Vladimir Zhirinovsky the leader of Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) made Anti-Ukrainian speech at the picket being held by his party before the Embassies of Georgia, Ukraine and Israel in Moscow.

Zhirinovsky menaced Ukraine with Apocalypses because of "Viktor Yushchenko is worse than Hitler," who was more honest than Ukrainian President and because of "his wife is the daughter of Banderian who eloped to America.

Zhirinovsky stated also that Hitler "opened Russian schools and churches," and Yushchenko "closed Russian Orthodox churches."

He strongly recommended Ukrainian politicians "not to forget Russia language because they will need it to answer the questions of Russian investigators in Lubyanka."

"We will exile all of you in Siberia, you will not be shot because Ukrainians will be used as frozen museum pieces," threatened Liberal-Democrat.

Zhirinovsky mentioned that "to study Ukrainian for Russians living in Ukraine is a flout; it does not happened in any country all over the world." Ukraine is "a part of Russian Empire. Lvov will be a capital of small Ukrainian state and let them develop their culture if any."

He warns that "all Russians of the Earth will come back to Moscow." "You have become insolent here in Ukraine, Yushchenko will be punished, it has influenced his health condition already, it was done by Ukrainian patriots," stated Zhirinovsky.

The newspaper also mentions that "Zhirinovsky is one of the ten high officials of Russian that is why it may be proposed that his voice is the voice of official Russian power."

LDPR picketers were guarded by two tens of policemen. All journalists had to pass in their Ida and the foreign ones - accreditation cards.


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