Yuri Voropaev, the lawyer of Rinat Akhmetov, told about details of search of the Donetsk firm "Lux" on today’s press-conference.

"Police was conducting the search without having any permission documents. The court statement names the address Postisheva St., 117, but the search was conducted in Ilich Avenue, 108. According to Criminal Code of Ukraine it is a criminal crime from the side of policemen," stated Voropaev.

Besides, only three out of 80 policemen introduced themselves. Officials were examining all the rooms without witnesses, the security guards were laid down on asphalt, the firms employees of male sex were finger-printed, and a waitress were hit in the head.

About all violations Voropaev appealed to Donetsk city and regional prosecutors and to General Office of Public Prosecutor. In his opinion, there is no sense to appeal to Yuri Lucenko, Minister of Internal Affairs.

At the same time Voropaev declared that he has no grounds to advice Rinat Akhmetov not to come back to Ukraine. However, he could not give an answer whether Rinat Akhmetov would return.

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