(AP) - Military investigators have recovered two anti-aircraft missiles stolen six months ago from a military depot in southern Ukraine, an official said Thursday. Defense Ministry spokesman Ihor Halivinskiy refused to give more detail except to say an investigation was under way.

"Our investigators seized the missiles, now they represent no danger for society. The investigation is underway," he said.

Two SA-7 Grail missile systems - also known as Strela-3M, or Arrow - went missing in February from a military depot in southern Ukraine after an
apparent break-in.

Officials feared the heat-seeking missiles, which are produced in Russia, China and other places, could have fallen into the hands of terrorists who could use them to down commercial airliners.

Ukraine's new government has stepped up efforts to clamp down on illicit weapons deals that flourished under former President Leonid Kuchma. In February, the chief of the Defense and Security Council ordered officials to take an inventory of all military weaponry and equipment in the country.


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