British investors are gradually losing hope on fast reforms in Ukraine, as reported by Reuters observers.

Analyzing the investment climate in Ukraine, the British experts point to the braking of reforms in economy.

The head of new market Department of the investment firm Bear Stearns, Tim Ash, underlines that big optimism concerning Ukraine is being gradually dispelled.

"Six month ago everybody thought that 'orange revolution' would signify a catastrophe for Russia. But Russia advanced, while Ukraine runs risk to lose its chance," said Ash.

Investments funds, which have already purchased Ukrainian securities, are frightened by lingering internal governmental fight.

In particular, the chief economist of London Research Institute Daiwa, Vlad Sobell, considers that the government is not solidary and does not have logical plan of actions.

At the same time British political scientists point out that difference of opinions inside the government is a demonstration of democratic changes.

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