Ex-Chief of State Committee of Entrepreneurship reckons that Ukraine needs to get rid of nonprofessionals and populists of the power. Inna Bogoslovskaya states it during online conference which is going on right now on ForUm.

In response to the question "how can Ukraine overcome a crisis" she named the steps which would benefit the situation in the country: "the first one is to make a revision of new appointees and to get rid of nonprofessionals and populists and then to appoint real professionals to their posts; the second one is to make the power consistence more homogeneous by dismissal of Socialists, neo-Bolsheviks and wild revolutionists; the last one is to retire Timoshenko as PM of Ukraine who betrayed the fundamentals of bourgeois-democratic Orange Revolution and engrained neo-Bolshevism in Ukraine.”

Bogoslovskaya has put bad mark to the Cabinet’s work.


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