In August and September experts predict the rapid monetary liberalization and the second wave of hrivnya revaluation. Eric Nyman the chief of Ukrsotsbank Department on Issue of Financial Instruments Department reported.

According to his words, the second wave of hrivnya revaluation may be caused by pressure of IMF which insists on the necessity of this process.

"In case hrivnya is strengthened, its rate of exchange will reach 4.8 UAH per US dollar. I think that the next wave of revaluation will negatively influence on Ukrainian economy. It will be basis for Ukrainian Black Tuesday if economical situation and state budget get worse again," reckons Nyman.

As a reminder National Bank of Ukraine on April 21, 2005 made rapid revaluation of hrivnya and set official hrivnya rate of exchange equal to 5.5 UAH per US dollar. It was 0,14 UAH less than the previous exchange.


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