The situation in Afghanistan is far from stable and the biggest terrorist threat to Central Asian countries comes mainly from that country, a spokesman for the secretariat of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) said on Wednesday.

Gen. Eduard Melnikov made the remarks at a meeting of leaders of anti-terror forces of the CIS countries in Kazakhstan.

"Despite the stern measures by the international anti-terror coalition led by the
United States, remnants of the al-Qaida and Taliban are still active in Afghanistan," he said.

"What's more, drug trafficking is on the rise in Afghanistan and conflicts between tribes still exist and the country remains on the verge of a civil war. All these pose a huge threat to the security situation in
Central Asia," said Melnikov.

The three-day meeting of leaders of the anti-terror forces of the CIS countries is being held in the port city of of Ala-too in west

During the meeting, security services of Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine will hold a joint anti-terror drill.


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