Evgeny Kushnaryov the leader of "Novaya Demokratiya" (New Democracy) was detained according with exploitation of two stations of Kharkov underground. The press service of the party reported about it. Kushnaryov was invited to Ukrainian General Office of Public Prosecutor (GOOP) to look through the case materials on accusation of so-called "separatism."

He was shown the resolution of Shokin, the deputy General Prosecutor which stated about institution of prosecution against Kushnaryov according the 3rd part of article 365 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine: excess of authority led to grave consequences. "This resolution is a result of investigation of General Prosecutor concerning two stations of the underground being put into operation," mentioned the press service.   

After that the investigator completed a custody record and proposed Kushnaryov to look through in and sign. He tried to interrogate Evgeny Kushnaryov as a suspected of the new criminal case.  

Kushnaryov stated that the institution of criminal case is illegal and his arrest concerning this case has not been based on any acts of Ukraine. "Moreover, he does not hide. He is in GOOP studying the case materials concerning the so-called case on "separatism." And in conclusion, he is on sick0leave certificate and undergoes a cure in in-patient department," stated the representatives of the party.  

The investigator announced that the forensic medical examination of detained Kushnaryov will be appointed by the investigation.   
The press service mentioned that the investigator ignored Kushnaryov's demand to include in forensic medical examination his doctors in charge of the case for Kiev.  

Evgeny Kushnaryov applied to Svyatoslav Piskun General Prosecutor of Ukraine for private audience concerning the criminal case instituted against him.
Then Kushnaryov went on hunger-strike.

The press service informed that Kushnaryov was invited to Lavrinchuk the investigator of particular importance of GOOP on August 17, 2005. The subpoena read that Evgeny Kushnaryov was called in order to look through the case materials as a witness.

The deputies of Ukraine Svyatash, Davydova, Salygin have stood up for Kushnaryov's advocacy.      

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