Nyva Pereiaslavschyny, a Ukrainian-British joint venture agricultural enterprise, has begun construction of a pig-breeding complex in the village of Pereiaslavske (Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi district, Kyiv region) for 30,000 heads.

Oleksandr Mostypan, the owner of the Nyva Pereiaslavschyny limited liability company, disclosed this to journalists in Pereiaslavske. The complex together with equipment and bringing in of the livestock from Denmark will cost nearly UAH 35 million.

Mostypan noted that Nyva Pereiaslavschyny invested part of its own funds in the construction of the pig-breeding complex and the other part constitutes a credit of UAH 20 million that was given by the Aval Bank at annual rate of 17%.

The construction of the pig-breeding complex is slated to finish in the summer of 2006.  The first meat will go on sale in September 2006.

The pig-breeding complex envisages the nurturing and fattening of 30,000 pigs a year with the aim of selling 2,400 tons of meat. The technology of the Danish firm ACOfunk was taken as the basis for the technology and fattening in the pig-breeding complex.

The main building of the complex is designed from quickly erected structures of the Svitlovodsk-based Dniproenerhobudproekt factory.

Mostypan said that Nyva Pereiaslavschyny plans to build 5 more of such pig-breeding complexes in the coming 5 years.

The Nyva Pereiaslavschyny agricultural enterprise owns over 9,500 hectares of land, as well as the Pereiaslavskyi Experimental Grain Production Plant, which has storage capacity of 50,000 tons of grain yearly and produces 100,000 tons of mixed feed per year.

Nyva Pereiaslavschyny plans to gather 55,000-60,000 tons of grain crop harvest in this year, which is sufficient for providing the 5 pig-breeding complexes with forage.

As Ukrainian News has reported, the Agricultural Policy Ministry forecasts growth in the number of pig heads to 10 million heads by 2007. The pig livestock increased in July by 2.1% or 148,300 heads over June and it totaled 7,076,500 heads as of August 1.


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