Yuri Karamzin the leader of Defenders of Fatherhood Party, the deputy of faction "Nasha Ukraina" (Our Ukraine) reckons that "Yanukovich was elected by the power not for victory but for defeat. He was not an ace but a card which was easy to cover."

According to Karamzin, it was not only Yushchenko who was attempted on his life but Yanukovich as well. The plan of Yanukovich’s liquidation was prepared too.

"When Yushchenko had survived and the plan (to kill the leader of opposition - ed.) had failed, the plan B was put into operation - the death of another candidate. On October 6, Viktor Yanukovich was in Uzhgorod with working visit, the next day he had to go by car to Lviv and to take part in International Economic Forum. And at 12 a. m. we got the information about preparation of his physical liquidation. The rate of Yanukovich fell after the egg vaudeville in Ivano-Frankovsk that is why Kuchma’s administration assured him to play another script. In order to show aggressive essence of Western Ukraine, they decided to imitate the armored attempted murder. But only several persons in Bankovaya Street (the administration of the president of Ukraine) knew that a killer had to fire for effect. Everything was thoroughly counted. None could blab out because they did not want to be in jail. Yanukovich’s death would plunge Ukraine into shock. The international scandal would burst out and Kuchma would announce state of emergency.

The election would be abolished and in case of necessity the parliament would be broken up. Yushchenko’s team would be under suspicion. And everybody would be glad to see Kuchma as President because his main merit before Ukraine is ten years without blood," stated Karamzin.

Pavel Barnatsky the general consultant of Committee to Fight Organized Crime and Corruption added that "we did not sympathize to pro-power candidate but we could not allow killing him. We worked under force majeur conditions because it was Wednesday and the parliament worked till 2 p.m. We recognized that the information must be announced from the parliamentary tribune and in order everyone to regard it seriously we decided to call the names of persons being charged to commit a crime."

The communicants understanding the importance of the moment agreed to confirm their words before the court. At 1 p.m. Yuri Karamzin announced criminal plan from the tribune of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine revealing the names of deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and the chief of External Observation Department of Interior Ministry. They were Nikitenko and Prilipsky. After that Yanukovich went to Moscow instead of Lviv.


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