Fashion show took place in the capital of Ukraine. At the end of the show the Kiev couturier Anna Nickolaenko represented a wedding dress of bright orange colour. In such a way she decided to raise the rates of President Yushchenko and PM Timoshenko.

According to Nickolaenko, the traditional white colour is out of fashion - extravagance dictates its will. An ordinary wedding dress obtained more roundish form, and as a result a bride will resemble an orange. Shoes of national style – with ornament – supplement the complete.

In his turn, Georgian designer Manana Agavia offered to supplement the attire with roses. "It will be symbolically – "orange revolution" in Ukraine and "revolution of roses" in Georgia," explained she.

Ukrainians did not like the innovation. According to poll, only 10% of brides would agree to put on "an orange dress" for a wedding ceremony. The third part of respondents called the attire "clown and foolish." Every fifth girl considers that a wedding should not be turned into an attempt of demonstration of loyal sentiments.

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