Nikolay Gubenko, Crimean businessman living in camping nearby Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine will commit self-immolation if the power does not respond to the picketers’ demands.

It will be the second attempt of such kind. The first one happened on July 8, when Yuri Lyashenko businessman form Novaya Kakhovka tried to commit self-immolation and got seriously burns.

Gubenko demands from power to keep its promise. He wants the committee charged by President of Ukraine to start its work. The main target of it is to resolve picketers’ problems. His wife and children are waiting for him at home. He states he cannot live a life as he did before.

If Gubenko’s action is not paid any attention by the power, Vladimir Zhuk, the other picketer, will do the same. He and his wife live in the camping. Their three-year old son died in the accident caused by drunk driver. The criminal has been punished recently. The court sentenced him to three and a half years in jail.

All these people are afraid of death but believe that President of Ukraine will prevent the self-immolations.


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