In Crimea Ukrainian archaeologists have made a discovery, which is one more proof in favour of the new hypothesis concerning origin of human beings and which can refute the Evolution theory.

In particular, in Belgorod region of Crimea, near White Rock, the scientists have found sites of late Neanderthal men, who lived along with humans of present-day type.

30 thousand years ago Neanderthal men lived with our direct ancestors – Homo sapience. The scientists proved this, having determined the real age of the sites, found near White Rock. The discovery contradicts modern theories that Neanderthal men had died out long before Homo sapience appeared.

According to Victor Chabai, chief of the department "Primitive archeology" of Crimean branch of Archeology Institute of Ukraine, the sites are of that time when Neanderthal men coexisted with humans of anthropological type.

Artifacts, argumentative of late Neanderthal men, were also discovered in Europe. However, archeological sources remained ideally only in Crimea.

The sites of late Neanderthal men are in the centre of attention of international archeological expeditions. Scientists are interested not only in dates and material evidences of ancient civilization. They try to explore climate changes and to understand the ancient people’s way of life. Finally, they want to answer the questions: why did Neanderthal men stay too long in Crimea and where did they disappear?

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