The ecological organizations put to a criticism the plans of reduction of buffer zone of Chernobyl polluted territory.

In particular, Sergey Fedorinchik the chief of the information center of "Green World" association reckons that the buffer zone must be adequate to the borders of radioactive pollution but not to the radius around Chernobyl nuclear plant.

The construction of the storage of nuclear waste must be based upon the accurate calculations because this object, according to the expert, will be potentially dangerous for the next 20 thousands years. The further exploitation of reactors of Ukrainian nuclear power plants is the great danger for the environment because the term of exploitation runs of in the current year. "It is a pure adventurism. It is vicious way typical for all Ukrainian governments, new power of Ukraine included," stated Fedorinchik. The current decision has no basis and was passed because of the lack of knowledge concerning the technology of terminating the old reactors, Fedorinchik reported.


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